Terms and conditions

  • GTrack guarantees to the Customer that the Products purchased will be free from defects for a period of 12 months from delivery unless otherwise stated on the order confirmation.
  • Should the Products be defective within this period, GTrack will repair or replace them within a reasonable time using components or replacements that are new, or equivalent to new.
  • GTrack’s product guarantee and repair warranty is limited to its product only and shall not bear any cost, expenses, losses, or damages whatsoever caused by the product to the vehicle or otherwise.
  • In the case of Products rented from GTrack, this guarantee will continue for the duration of the Product rental.
  • GTrack does not warrant that the Products are fit for any particular purpose, nor that the Services will be without disruption, nor that any reports, data, or information provided as part of the Services will be free from errors, omissions, inaccuracies or nonconformities, and GTrack shall have no liability or obligation to the Customer in this respect except as provided hereunder.
  • GTrack makes no warranty for the security or integrity of any connection or transmission used in the provision of the Services.
  • GTrack shall not be liable for and provides no warranty for any damage caused by the Customer or his representative or any unauthorized 3rd party through incorrect installation, use, modification, or repair of the Products, nor for any accident.


GTrack is not an insurance company but only a fleet management and vehicle tracking services provider. We highly recommend getting your vehicles insured by a reputable insurance company to protect yourself against any theft, accident, damages, etc. GTrack shall not be responsible for any damages, theft, accident, expenses, or losses incurred for whatever so ever reason.