About us

About GTrack

GTrack Fleet Management Private Limited is registered with SECP and licensed by PTA to carry out vehicle tracking and fleet management activities.

Since we have a clear focus on Fleet Management, so we have catered our products and services to meet the industry requirements at our best. Our exposure to the corporate sector helped us in getting equipped with the right tools to meet & exceed the level of services & reporting required.

Fleet required a very peculiar device that can withstand the overvoltage shocks of the generator and bear the road beggaring. Easy to install, waterproof, and able to maintain GPS connection. After being in the business for years, we have been through the product development and maturity cycle. Resolving the issues and removing the kinks resulted in a mature stable product that meets the weather requirements of Pakistan, able to work in subzero and over 50oC.

We take pride in our after-sale services.

Most fleet management companies fail to understand that fleet management is not only about installing a tracker but is about the service relation that incorporates upon installation and it is about customer satisfaction on the go. Our after-sales services are based on the 5 components focused on how we can facilitate our users’ best

  1. Free tracker maintenance.

If there is something wrong with your tracker most of the time you even do not need to file a complaint, we have a dedicated team monitoring your fleet 24/7 keeping a close eye on the health of each tracker, and in case any tracker goes down a ticket is initiated with maintenance department who immediately swing into action to get it resolved.


2. In route tracker replacement

We do not like to leave our clients without a tracker at any point in time. We almost all the time replace the tracker on the go, while your tracker is sent back for repairs. The repairs do not cost you anything if the fault is accrued due to the tracker itself.


3. Dedicated Fleet Manager

You are assigned a dedicated fleet manager as a point of contact, who works closely with your team to make sure your fleet is working as smoothly as a swiss watch.


4. Seprate fleet management department

Unlike most tracking companies, we have a dedicated fleet management department, which is fully equipped with technology and well-trained manpower, who do understand the dynamics of the fleet management and understand the issues that can arise and are well equipped to deal with those.


5. Cost-effective

With low to no maintenance fee, no fee for app and dashboard and free integration, low installation charges, and low reoccurring payment for services, GTrack is the most cost-effective solution there is in the market.